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RSA Animate

Animated graphics

In this RSA Animate, celebrated academic David Harvey looks beyond capitalism towards a new social order. Can we find a more responsible, just, and humane economic system?
Watch the full lecture here: http://www.thersa.org/events/video/ar…

The RSA is a 258 year-old charity devoted to creating social progress and spreading world-changing ideas. For more information about our research, RSA Animates, free events programme and 27,000 strong fellowship.

Find out more about the RSA at http://www.thersa.org
Join the RSA on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/thersaorg
Produced and edited by Abi Stephenson, RSA. Animation by Cognitive Media.

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Killer website
/ 19/03/2014

Killing Kennedy

Very nice parallax effect web design about the lives of Kennedy & Oswald


Click here to got to the website



Vintage Photo Effect Photoshop
/ 19/03/2014

Vintage Photo Effect in Photoshop

By Tyler Denis
This tutorial will show you how to apply a simple vintage photo effect using Photoshop. We’re going to use image adjustments, adjustment layers and layer styles to apply the vintage effect on a regular photo so that we can keep our work easily editable.

Download PDS file for free here

Heart of Africa
/ 27/02/2014

This film is an abstract composite of my memories and experiences from a trip to Rwanda and Uganda a couple…

11 Inspiring Mobile App Websites
/ 25/02/2014
Very interesting article on webdesignledger.com
11 Inspiring Mobile App Websites

11 Inspiring Mobile App Websites

Exclusive Free Download: Vintage Infographic Elements
/ 25/02/2014

Infographics are great for displaying information in a way that is easier to digest. The use of stylish design elements can simplify complex information and make it fun and interesting to learn what the data actually represents.

As a designer, you’ve probably been asked to create an infographic. If not, you probably will be in the near future. We have just the thing to help with that task. We’re happy to offer you a vector pack with free vintage infographic elements. The guys at Freepik have put this exclusive set together just for our readers. The elements are very stylish and will give your next info graphic project a cool retro feel.



Sproet Nieuws
/ 24/12/2013
Sproet nieuws website

websites Sproet Studio


Hier is Sproet News.  Een website nodig? Voor de de startende onderneming (minder dan een jaar ingeschreven bij de KvK) heb ik een starters-tarief. Een template-website biedt ik vanaf € 950,- aan. Voor meer informatie: zie hier of bel 0653326409